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Prevent Annoying Maskne with These Skincare Tips

Does wearing masks make you suffer from pimples? Well, you are definitely not alone. With the new normal comes the need to wear mask all the time. Unfortunately, this also means more and more people are suffering from acne on the areas covered by the mask. Maskne or mask acne has become a real problem that requires a whole new form of PinkPanda skincare routine.

What Can Cause Maskne?

There are several things that can happen every time you put on your mask. It comes into contact with different parts of your face including your cheeks, nose, and chin. All of these will rub against your mask can cause acne flare and irritation to the small hair follicles on the face. The humidity is also increased, creating an environment where the bacteria that cause pimples tend to thrive. 

Acne skincare
Wearing a mask can cause acne, which you can eliminate with proper skincare

And while you might not suffer from pimples, there is still the risk of other skin conditions such as dry patches, eczema, redness, burning, or stinging as the result of frequent wearing of mask. Of course, the best solution here is not wearing mask. But, since the pandemic is still here, it is still not an option.

How do you prevent maskne, then? Here are some skincare tips you need to remember to say goodbye to pimples in no time!  

Wash Your Mask

Now, this first tip is a no brainer. Every time you breathe into your mask, moisture gets trapped in the fibers, creating the ideal condition where all kinds of nasty bacteria can flourish and thrive. Add to this the layers of moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup and you are actually letting those microbe colonies to breed on both your face and mask.

Video: Caroline Hirons’ Top Tips For Skincare for ‘Maskne’

Make sure that you wash your mask in between uses and see to it that it is already totally dry before you wear it again. For this reason, it would be great to own several masks that you can use alternately.  

Less is Always More

Now is the perfect time for you to cut down your Korean skincare routine with 11 steps as this will benefit your skin more than anything. Try to stick with only the basics such as cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting from the sun. You might be surprised but yes, even if you are wearing a mask, you should not forget applying your sunscreen first. 

With all the moisture when breathing, that immediate area surrounding the nose and mouth may not require as much hydration. This is why it is best that you use a lightweight gel moisturizer instead. Since chafing may occur on your jaw area, cheeks, and nose, don’t forget hydrating there. Your night-time regimen must pay more attention on restoration using calming serums to repress inflammation and moisturizer that can strengthen the barrier functions of the skin. 

Prepare in Advance 

Lastly, it is recommended that you apply your skincare products for a minimum of 30 minutes before you step outside the house to let it completely absorb in your skin. Products sitting on top of your skin will likely rub on the mask that will let the bacteria thrive all over again.

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