Speed up digestion with foods rich in fiber
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Simple Secrets to Speed Up Digestion

A lot of people seem to assume that every food they eat will exit their body during their next bowel movement. But, the truth is that it takes much longer sometimes. Food embarks on a long journey as this travels through your digestive system. Transit time refers to the length of time that it takes to finish the voyage to the anus from the mouth. This time can vary from one person to another. But, for someone following a diet rich in fiber, they can speed up digestion for the transit time to take about 24 hours. 

There are actually a lot of factors that can determine the length of time it takes for food to pass through your body. These factors can include the specific food you are, your personal characteristics, general health, activity level, and psychological stress.

If you are worried about the transit time, there are several steps that you can follow to speed up digestion.

Exercise Daily for 30 Minutes

Digested materials and food are moved through your body through various muscle contractions. The muscle contractions are known as peristalsis. Your peristalsis will slow down if you are a couch potato, which can decrease your transit time.

Speed up digestion with training
Speed up digestion with daily workout

It can lead to general discomfort and constipation. Exercising can increase metabolism that can make these muscle contractions better and more frequent. It is the reason why there are people who experience the urge of taking a trip to the bathroom after exercising.

Cut Down on Your Meat

Meat, hard cheese, milk, and refined carbs like white sugar, instant oatmeal, and white flour tend to pas rather slowly through your digestive tract that can slow peristalsis.

Make Yogurt Your Best Friend 

Yogurt, as well as other types of probiotic foods like sourdough bread, soft cheeses, and sauerkraut, is rich in live bacteria cultures that promote healthy bacteria living in the intestines that can enhance and speed up digestion.   

Load Up on Fiber 

Foods in rich fiber like leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains can add more bulk to your feces and encourage the bowel to push along the food. However, since the abrupt addition of fiber to your regular diet can lead to cramps, bloating, and gas, it is best to introduce it to your system little by little over time. 

Don’t Forget Your Water

By this time, you surely know that it is recommended that you drink up to 8 glasses of water every day. What you might not know is that this recommendation is because of many health reasons. For one, water can help keep the feces moist that thereby improves transit time.  

Fecal matter that has long been sitting in your colon has more chances of getting absorbed again back to your bloodstream and cause irritation on the intestinal walls. A transit time of over 72 hours is already considered slow, irritating your color and increasing risk of diverticulitis, candidiasis, or even cancer.

Good thing that water like Donat.mg speed up digestion to help you enjoy improved health and wellbeing. 

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