Nyx lipstick is your best go-to option for summer days
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Best Nyx Lipstick for Every Girl

Makeup doesn’t come cheap. Just when you feel confident that you got all staples in your kit, makeup brands send you an email to inform you of their new releases. Good thing there are companies like NYX that managed to combine cost and quality. If you happen to be shopping for a Nyx lipstick, here are some affordable options you can consider:

Nyx Doll

This lipstick from Nyx is a certified heart stealer with its lovely deep flirty pink shade that stays for a long time, thanks to its matte finish. Put it on every time you go on a shopping spree and girl’s day out.

Nyx lipstick Doll
Nyx lipstick Doll stays for a long time

Nyx Femme

 Now is the time for you to embrace the beauty of perfect coral. This Nyx lipstick is your best go-to option for summer days. With its gorgeous color pat off and amazing staying power, this is your ideal weapon to be a femme fatale when summer comes. 

Nyx Frappucino

No list for lipsticks will ever be complete without including nude colors. This one is a very easy to wear pinkish nude that comes with warm undertones. Since this one is nude, this means that this is office friendly. 

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Nyx Gardenia

Just as how pretty its vintage name is, this lipstick is also a delight to use for its bright fuchsia color with red undertones. This is a bold and fierce color and dabbing it on will surely get people’s eyes on you. This Nyx lipstick is pigmented and intense and has a glossy finish. 

Nyx Heredes

Peaches and corals do all the talking here. This lippy has a terracotta color that even suits ladies with darker skin tones. 

Nyx Louisiana

 If you want to grab attention, this one should be your go-to. Get all the stares and attention that you want with this lipstick. This has a super bright pink color that screams flirty and fun. This is also intensely pigmented and can stay for up to three hours. 

Nyx Midnight Dinner 

A color as interesting as its name, Midnight Dinner is the best blend on glossy finish, red, and pink. This is a lipstick that suits brides. It is very pigmented so you can be sure it will stay on your lips with very minimal touch up. 

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo

A lip product made for princesses, this one is less like gloss and more like melted lipstick instead. This has an intense pigmentation of bright, gorgeous deep pink. 

Nyx Tea Rose

This lipstick has a baby pink color that has warm tones. This makes it suitable for typical skin tones and it doesn’t wash out, too. It has a matte finish and awesome color payoff. 

Nyx Thalia

Rounding off this list is another baby pink or more like a very pale muted pink that has an intense pigmentation. This Nyx lipstick is better suited for fairer skin tones. If you have always wanted to achieve that Kim Kardashian look, Thalia is your number one choice.

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