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Tips for Natural Teeth Whitening

Do you feel ashamed every time you try to hide your smile because of your discolored teeth? While there might be tons of products available in stores these days, most of them contain harmful chemicals. Bleaching agents might help with teeth whitening but there is always the risk of increased tooth sensitivity. There is also the danger of getting your gums burned when these products are used the wrong way. 

Good thing that there is no longer a need for you to compromise your health or spend your hard-earned money on ineffective store-bought products in the hopes of making your teeth whiter and brighter. Below are a few simple natural ways to help you make your teeth whiter at home without having to worry about adverse side effects.

Try Oil Pulling

Oil is one of those products that serve different functions purposes. Natural oils are great not only for cooking as they can also act as a skin moisturizer that offers numerous health benefits. Among these benefits is teeth whitening. With the use of the process known as oil pulling, you will be able to get rid of those annoying stains from your teeth and at the same time, eliminate harmful bacteria known for causing dental decay and gum disease. 

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With oil pulling, all you need to do is choose the natural oil you will use. Good options include sesame, coconut, or olive oil. Use one tablespoon and swish it vigorously in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Oil pulling done several times every week can lower the number of bad bacteria in the mouth that are the culprit behind plaque and gingivitis. 

Apple Cider Vinegar to the Rescue 

For many years, apple cider vinegar or simply ACV is one of the popular disinfectants and natural cleaning products used all over the world. This contains high amounts of acetic acid that can effectively kill bacteria and eliminate surface stains on the teeth.

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When used for teeth whitening, ACV can serve as the main ingredient of homemade mouthwash. Just make sure that you dilute it with water since directly applying ACV on the teeth may result in erosion and enamel damage. Also, don’t forget to rinse with plain water after you swish with ACV. This is to remove the leftover acid lingering on the teeth. You can use ACV twice to thrice a week to get rid of discoloration and enjoy a brighter smile you can be proud of. 

Activated Charcoal

You have surely seen or heard about products for teeth whitening that contain activated charcoal. It is a special black ingredient that can whiten and brighten your teeth. Although the thought of using black powder to brush your teeth sounds conflicting, activated charcoal has been proven to be effective when it comes to making your teeth whiter. This porous substance can bind to particles that cause teeth discoloration. The product can also solve bad breath problems and retain a healthier pH balance in your mouth. 

These are just some of the natural teeth whitening methods you can try to regain that picture-perfect smile.

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