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Popular Types of Automatic Garden Irrigation Systems

Hassle-free, efficient, and automated are the best words to describe automatic garden irrigation. With their exciting benefits, it’s no surprise that these systems are enjoying immense popularity not only among homeowners but even businesses across the world. 

But if you think that all garden irrigation systems are the same, you might want to think again. There are several categories and types you can choose from to help you find the right one for your garden or lawn. 

Hassle-free, efficient, and automated are the best words to describe automatic garden irrigation.

Drip Irrigation Systems

A drip irrigation system is a highly efficient garden watering method meant to offer accurate delivery of water directly to the plant roots. It uses a network of pipes distributed all over the garden, with drip emitters strategically placed close to the base of every plant. 

Drip emitters allow for better control over the quantity of the delivered water thanks to their slow water release, thus effectively cutting down water waste. 

Drip Line Irrigation Systems

Drip line irrigation is an effective and popular way of watering large landscapes and gardens, as well as long runs of hedgerows and crops. The drip line tubing is installed together with the pre-installed drippers with regularly spaced intervals along the tubing’s length. It delivers water straight to the plant roots. These systems use less water compared to traditional spray and sprinkler systems. 

Micro Spray Systems

Micro spray systems are a type of automatic garden irrigation widely used all over gardens. These are popular options because they offer an excellent soaking spray over an expansive area making them more cost-effective than drip irrigation systems. Once you turn on these systems, a fantastic water spray disperses through the air to soak the plants similar to rain. 

Mini Sprinkler Systems

Mini sprinkler systems with coverage of a maximum of 5 metres radius are perfect for covering huge areas of the plantation easily and quickly. These are almost the same as micro sprays and jets but rather than producing a fine spray, this type of automatic garden irrigation throws water in big droplets that reduce evaporation during the distribution. 

Pop-Up Sprinkler Systems

The pop-up sprinkler systems are considered the ultimate in the world of automatic garden irrigation and many homeowners are starting to fall in love with it. The sprinklers and pipework are buried underground, which keeps them completely hidden out of sight. The pop-up sprinklers just rise from the ground every time you activate the system. They then retract back down to the ground once you turn off the system. 

Soaker Hose Systems

Soaker hose systems are porous pipes also called leaky pipes. Once used, this automatic garden irrigation releases water little by little along its entire length to provide a deep soaking action. This is perfect for use in vegetable patches, flower beds, and other smaller spots. 

Finding the right automatic garden irrigation system for your garden or lawn can make a big difference to your outdoor living space. Make sure you choose from the different types above with care while considering your specific needs, requirements, and preferences. 

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