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Enjoy the Benefits of an Insulated Front Door

Poor insulation is one of the most common issues in otherwise lovely homes. And the number one culprit behind it is because the doors used don’t really make the cut. This is why an insulated front door has become popular now more than ever. 

Low quality doors can do more than making your house feel drafty. A poorly designed door might also compromise the safety of you and your whole family. As a homeowner, your top priority is to make your house safe and warm during cold months. 

Below are some of the top choices you got during your search for front doors with good insulation.

Fiberglass Front Doors

Fiberglass is the most affordable and practical option for homeowners. These are resistant doors that you can paint easily to match your house and requires very minimal maintenance. 

Insulated front door - door cross section
Insulated front door – door cross section

One downside to these doors, however, is their tendency to crack once hit hard enough. It means that fiberglass doors might not be your best choice if you are worried about the security of your home. 

Steel Front Doors

There is a good reason why steel doors are the most popular type of exterior doors. Aside from being affordable, an insulated front door made from steel can provide a steady stronghold against cold outdoor weather. Steel is an excellent security border as well. With the need for very little maintenance, these doors are also energy-efficient made possible by the high density insulation added within the frames.

Video: Wood vs Fiberglass vs Steel Exterior Doors

But, it is important for homeowners to know that the insulating ability of steel front doors might be negated if they cut out panels for glass windows. Despite being a gorgeous decoration, this trade off might not be enough for the loss of heat during severe weather conditions. 

Aluminum Front Doorsv

Aluminum, just like steel, is also a great material to be used for an insulated front door. One thing that makes aluminum great is that you can customize these doors to suit any type of doorway and prevent rust and other similar problems with the help of the homeowner’s chosen finish. 

One downside to these doors, however, is their somewhat expensive price. There might be a need for homeowners to spend more for custom aluminum front doors just as how much they spend for heavy-duty wooden doors.

Before you get a new insulated front door to replace your existing one, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Research online first before you visit a store. Look into different manufacturers and materials. 
  • Understand how air leaks around your front door instead of through it itself. Designing an energy efficient weather stripping can be of big help. Just remember that weatherstripping doesn’t last forever, particularly if you often use the door. 
  • Hire an expert like Inotherm to install your insulated front door no matter what type or size you choose. Failure to do so might make you miss some important things that only the experts will be able to spot right away. 

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