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Amazing Ideas for Active Vacation for Over 60

Modern-day seniors are no longer contented with the usual bus tours and cruises. Times are changing, and seniors do, too. Whether you are a senior yourself, or you are planning a trip for your senior parents or family members, here are some ideas for active vacation for over 60 travelers:

Extended Stays

An extended stay in just one destination allows over 60 seniors to enjoy their vacations despite their different activity levels. Resorts allow some guests to stay by the pool or on the beach while the rest go on tours or take the bus to the town. 

Seniors who prefer to handle the different aspects of planning their trips can also use vacation rental booking sites to schedule and investigate their own trips. 

State Parks and National Parks 

More and more older travelers now choose to roam near home. For the past few years, these travelers opt for senior adventures that can provide them with active pursuits without the need to go on long and tiring plane trips.  

In the US alone, 63 national parks are excellent travel destinations for over 60 seniors who want to go biking, birdwatching, wilderness backpacking and hiking, horseback riding, and birdwatching. 

Some of these parks also offer opportunities for water sports, fishing, diving, and even winter sports. There are also state parks with smaller crowds that can offer equally rewarding adventures for seniors. 

River Cruises as Active Vacation for Over 60 Seniors

  • River cruises are the perfect combination of experiencing different places and easily disembarking at ports where they can find cycling, walking, and sightseeing options. 
  • The travelers are given designated cabins during the duration of the trip, and they can also choose not to disembark at a particular stop.
  • It makes river cruises perfect for active seniors whose travel partners or buddies are less active. 

Skip-gen Vacations

One of the emerging trends for active vacation for over 60 is the so-called skip-gen travel. Here, grandparents and grandchildren go on trips together to skip the generation in between them. 

Grandkids can help their grandparents stay active. However, it might be a bit challenging to look for activities that the two generations can share together happily. 

Walking, Cycling, and Hiking Tours 

There is an increasing number of tour companies today that offer cycling and walking adventures where active seniors are allowed to combine urban and outdoor experiences. 

There are now tours that have been specifically well-designed to take cyclists and walkers to stunning countryside and beautiful towns on just one trip. 

You can also choose from international tours with self-guided and guided options that offer all the support you will need. Many of these tour companies also specify the activity level of the trip, while others will inform you of the number of miles that will be covered every day on bike or foot. 

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These days, you will no longer run out of ideas for an active vacation for over 60 travelers. With the ever-changing trends in travel, even seniors can now enjoy their vacations to the fullest depending on their preferences and activity levels.

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