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Lifestyle and Health Benefits of Thermal Swimming Pools

After a long and tiring day, nothing can beat the comfort and relaxation of soaking with the temperature set at the ideal 99 degrees, the bubbles on full blast, and a glass of wine in one hand. While thermal swimming pools offer much-needed soothing relaxation, did you know that they also offer many other exciting perks?

Read on below to discover the lifestyle and health benefits of indulging in a spa pool every chance you get:

Enjoy Better Quality Sleep

Do you have trouble falling sound asleep at night? A swimming pool might just be the perfect cure to help you enter dreamland fast. Soaking in the pool for 15 minutes approximately 90 minutes before going to bed can help cool down your body temperature, resulting in a better quality of sleep. 

Going for a swim has long been known to relieve stress and encourage relaxation. Once your mind becomes calm and peaceful, you will sleep more and wake up feeling rejuvenated the next morning. 

Thermal pools produce hot water that creates the so-called hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure caused by the water’s weight.

Improved Mobility

Thermal pools produce hot water that creates the so-called hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure caused by the water’s weight. It helps relieve the stiffness and inflammation of joints, resulting in improved mobility. 

Aside from this, the water’s buoyancy can also ease muscle tension, letting your joints relax and enjoy better flexibility. If you like, you may even try doing some flexibility exercises while soaking in thermal swimming pools. 

Better Social Life

While thermal pools have plenty of health benefits, the social rewards are also worth mentioning here. As you enjoy a good soak, you can also get the chance to socialize with other visitors. This is a great ice breaker, allowing everyone to let their guard down and just relax and bask at the moment. 

Support for Cardiovascular Health

Relaxing in swimming pools can actually have the same level of effectiveness as performing aerobic exercise. Yes, soaking in thermal water can lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. 

It is also said that hot water can help pump blood better to different organs of the body, those lowering blood pressure and supporting a healthier heart. 

Tension and Pain Relief

The spa jets and hot water of thermal swimming pools can also help soothe tight and tense muscles. The heat coming from the spa can also boost blood circulation which can reduce inflammation in the body. 

It will then help lessen the swelling and pains in the joint. Thermal pools may even reduce headache pains. This is thanks to the pulsating jets that massage the nerves and pain points that are the main culprits behind tension headaches. To enjoy the full pain-relieving perks, you can try soaking in the hot waters for up to 20 minutes. 

Thermal swimming pools are more than a luxurious indulgence. They can transform your health and wellbeing in more ways than one. Thermana Laško is one of the best places to be if you want to experience this blissful relaxation and overall wellness. 

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