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Pointers for Memorable 2 Day Sailing Trips Croatia

Going on 2 day sailing trips Croatia gives you the perfect chance to experience the country in a heartbeat in the most unique way possible. 

But, when it comes to sailing Croatia, there are several practical tips you need to keep in mind:

Book Your Sailing Holiday in Advance 

Early booking can let you take advantage of some exciting early bird discounts. You can also choose from more charter options and if you are lucky, you might even find something that lets you pay in installments, with 50% paid during booking and the remaining 50% to be paid a month prior to departure. 

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Book your 2 day sailing trips Croatia in advance

Mind Your Check In and Check Out Times

Always stick to the check in hours given to you, unless you are instructed have an early check in. The yacht requires preparation and cleaning before you embark. The last thing you want is to wait for hours in front of the charter office. 

Croatia sailing – Split to Dubrovnik boat cruise 2020

Hire a Reliable Croatian Sailing Agency 

Find a reliable agency to help you with your 2 day sailing trips in Croatia. Make sure that you ask for an exact price quote and don’t forget to specify all the inclusions that you wish to have for the trip. This way, you won’t be dealing with any surprise expenses along the way. 

Hire a Catamaran or a Sailboat

The Mediterranean country of Croatia has the tradition of welcoming new and seasoned sailors alike. The sun, the rugged landscapes, and the sea have a remarkable effect on the islanders as evident in their easy-going and laidback philosophy and unique culture. 

If you like to blend in with the locals and feel like a true local yourself, you can consider hiring a catamaran charter or a sailboat. Sailing is not just cheaper but is also more natural, not to mention that it is also the most authentic way to travel and explore Croatia. 

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Keep Everything Simple 

Avoid overpacking and ditch a hard suitcase and go for a soft duffel bag instead. While double cabins in a catamaran or sailboat may be spacious and bright but two huge suitcases can make things uncomfortable and even block your passage. 

Never forget your IDs, passport, and cash during your 2 day sailing trips Croatia. Even if you have already paid majority of the inclusions in advance, you still need to pay some extras on the spot such as provisions, fuel, marina fees, tourist tax, transfers, eating out, and national parks. You also need to exchange sufficient Kuna, the local currency, at the official bark prior to embarking on your trip. 

Stick to Small Sailing Distances

Stick to a daily route that is within a distance of 30 miles if you are not really an extreme sailor. It will be impossible all the finest destinations during 2 day sailing trips Croatia so make sure you take your time to enjoy everything for your vacation to become a more memorable and valuable experience. 

While 2 day sailing trips Croatia may seem short and limited, remembering the pointers above will let you enjoy those two days to the fullest! 

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