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German Cube Bikes

Cube Bikes is a known German bike manufacturer, with their bikes handmade in their factory in Bavaria. The brand carries an extensive selection of bikes that generally come with exceptional specs. 

Riders of all abilities hold these bikes in high regard. Interestingly, they don’t sell to their consumers directly. Instead, their bikes are exclusively available through their dealers. 

But with such exclusivity, are these bikes worth all the hype they are getting?

Overview of Cube Bikes Brand

Cube Bikes started with humble beginnings and grew to become one of the world’s top bike manufacturers. Marcus Puerner founded the company in Waldershof, Bavaria in 1993. The business started by importing several bikes to sell in the local area. Soon after that, they also decided to design their own frames. The company fitted out the frames with some of the finest components available. 

Cube bikes for riders of all abilities
Riders of all abilities hold Cube bikes in high regard. The brand has a selection of bikes including full suspension and hardtails that are the perfect mountain bikes

From there, the company saw massive growth through the years. Their current bike range has more than 400 different models, all manufactured in their facility that first opened its doors in 2016 and covers an area of 390,000 square feet. 

The company also has 500 staff members working on two assembly lines that manufacture 4,500 bikes daily. Their bikes are currently distributed in 67 countries across the globe. The brand also sells 1.2 million bikes annually, making them the largest bike manufacturer in Europe. 

What Makes Cube a Trusted Bike Brand?

As a brand, Cube has proven time and time again that it is one of the best times you can count on when looking for quality bikes that offer good value for money. 


Bikes from Cube go through a meticulous quality control program that helps ensure their ability to take a beating. The company’s Cube Test Standard involves several tests done on different models to guarantee their durability. The carbon frames also have their own dedicated quality control to confirm their capacity to perform as needed. 

CUBE Stereo 170 – Cube bikes Official

In-House Testing  

The in-house testing process of Cube constantly develops and uses the latest technology to assist with the creation of designs and materials that can make every bike stiffer, lighter, and more fun to use.

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