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Clean Your Rubber Mat for Ultimate Car Interior Cleanup

Have you always wanted to give your car an instant makeover but you don’t have the budget for intricate auto detailing? Then, why not give your rubber mat a good and intensive clean and make your vehicle look and smell as good as new all over again?

You might not believe it but cleaning your car mats can actually make a big difference to its interior. The good news is that it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to give your car that facelift you have always wanted. 

Here are some tips to help you with the upkeep of your car interior:

Avoid Water Damage 

It is a must that you always clean your car floor mats since the last thing you want is for your car interior to suffer from water damage. While you are at it, you should also never allow any oily or foamy products to come into close contact with the brake, gas, and clutch pedals. 

easily clean a removable rubber mat
You can easily clean a removable rubber mat when it’s needed, to keep your car interior clean.

Even the smallest traces of water and other liquid products can make your foot slip from these pedals while driving, which can be very dangerous for you. 

Clean the Rubber Mat Outside Your Car 

Cleaning your rubber mats is best done outside, preferably at a gas station or car wash. You can also do it in a nearby parking lot or right inside your own garage. What matters here is to ensure that any cleaning should be done away from the car interior. Doing so will help prevent corrosion or damage, especially when using powerful cleaners. 

How to clean a removable rubber mat – Return them back to black!

Shake or Whack the Mats to Dust Them Off

Just like with dusty old carpets or mattresses, you can also clean a removable rubber mat by shaking or whacking them.

Doing this can help get rid of any dust that might have been stuck in the rubber traction marks of the mat. Again, shaking or whacking the mat must always be done outside the vehicle. You can whack the mats against the ground but make sure you don’t damage them. 

Take Off Removable Rubber Mats as Needed 

  • If possible, you can also remove the rubber mats from your vehicle.
  • Just open the car doors one after another and take out the mats if you are using a removable type.
  • Avoid cleaning the mats while they are still inside your car, except if you only need to perform a quick vacuuming for maintenance. 

Cleaning Irremovable Rubber Mats 

What if your rubber mat is not removable? In this case, you won’t have any other option but to just clean the mats inside the car itself. Just make sure that you watch out and be extra careful when cleaning. See to it that the cleaning fluid won’t find its way on the pedals or that the chemical solutions won’t eat away the floor of the car. 

A rubber mat can make a big difference to your vehicle so make sure you clean them regularly to keep your car looking and feeling new!

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