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Is Driving with a Bad ABS Sensor Safe?

When an unnecessary piece of electronic in the vehicle fails, most owners cannot help but wish to have a simple vehicle free from superfluous features. Once features like air pumps or heated seats fail in the older vehicles, this is often the end of them. The price of getting these items fixed usually exceeds how much the owner is willing to spend. How about the ABS sensor, then? Do you need to get the system repaired right away or can you just deal with the illuminated ABS light throughout the life of your vehicle?

Sooner or later, you need to have the ABS repaired. Gone are the days when you can consider that your car has already done a great job by taking you from one point to another.

Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brakes have become a staple spec in vehicles during the early 2000s and today, they are no longer just a mere option but more of a standard feature. Right now, it is impossible to find anything that doesn’t have anti-lock brakes since this is a safety feature that every new car is expected and mandated to have.

ABS Sensor BMW
ABS Sensor BMW 5 E39 95-03

Since almost all vehicles today are equipped with anti-lock brakes, it is almost imminent that these components will fail sooner than later. If most state inspections don’t really require the ABS sensor to be fully functional in order to pass, never assume that this is not as critical as the suspension or engine. 

A common error in the ABS is the wheel speed sensor fault. Not like the temperate gauge or oil light that indicates the overheat condition, a driver doesn’t need to pull over right away and park his vehicle. The best thing about the ABS is that the vehicle is always using the hydraulic braking system whatever the ABS’s state might be. Provided that the hardware for the mechanical brake is safe and intact including the rotors, pads, and calipers, the brakes can still work to bring a car to a stop. 

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Among the most common symptoms of a bad car starter is that clicking noise in your car every time you push the start button or turn the key. Your starter can usually be found on the driver’s side of the motor, just below the left bank of cylinders.

Can Brakes Work without ABS?

If the illuminated dash light indicates a fault in the ABS, you don’t have to panic yet you still need to take action sooner than later. For instance, if there is a broken wire in the ABS sensor, the whole ABS system is going to be disabled because the initial self-test is going to be a failure. Depending on how frequent your area gets a poor surface condition or the season, this is going to be an issue to some drivers more than others.

During winter months, braking on slippery surfaces will feel like your vehicle doesn’t have ABS at all because of the decreased control, absence of steering, and locked wheels. However, the brakes will retain the functionality they got from the start but this time, there will be no electronic ability that can help a driver if a bad situation occurs. 

There is a good reason why the light for the ABS sensor is yellow. This indicates the need to be cautious while driving but without the immediate need to come to a stop. Make sure the system is checked as soon as possible.

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