Apiary is a place where bees are kept

Essential Equipment You Need for Your Apiary

It is perfectly normal for new apiary owners to be clueless about some things, including the equipment and tools they need to have on hand. When it comes to beekeeping, there are essentials and non-essentials. 

Below are some of the more essential equipment pieces you need for beekeeping:

Your Hives 

Obviously, the hives themselves are the first things you need. Your hives are the single biggest investment you need to make in this new hobby of yours. It is important to ask yourself if you will go for bee kits or buy starter hives. 

Apiary and hives
Beehives work similarly to how bees would build their nest in nature

When you opt for starter hives, you will get both physical hives and bees all in one. Meanwhile, typical bee kits come with one queen and army of drones and workers. 

Bee Feeders

Yes, your apiary also needs feeders for your bees to keep going at times. Bees in nature move to a new location once their sources of food dry up. Since you want your bees to stay in your hives instead of wandering around searching for food, you will need feeders at specific times throughout the year. Bee feeders are basically rectangular pans with wooden frame and grate to ensure that bees don’t drown by accident.

Best feeder for winter honey bees

Hive Frames

Hive frames are wooden rectangles hanging in the individual boxes to create a place where the bees can build the honeycomb structure to form their hives. The bees will not have anything to build on without the frames. Hive frames are quite straightforward and these can be bought for cheap from the supplier where you got your hives. 

Hive Scraper

A hive scraper is a handy small tool that not all veteran apiary owners consider essential. But, for new hobbyists, it can actually be a lifesaver. This tool is used for cleaning the top bars and sides of the hives. Yes, you need to clean your hives on a regular basis. There is simply no point to do more work than what you have to do. 

Hive Tool

A hive tool is quite a simple tool that is almost like gold for beekeepers. Its main purpose is to keep your own hands out of your hive to reduce perceived threats from the bees. Hive tools have two main functions. Its first function is helping you remove the lids from the hives. Its second function is to make it easier for you to take away the honeycomb structure from the box’s side. 

Bee Suit

Many veteran apiary owners don’t really find it essential to wear bee suits. This might be the case after 10 years of beekeeping but it is never wise not to use a suit if you are just getting started. 

Honeybees are not aggressive by nature. They don’t bother humans provided that humans also don’t bother them. However, the first several inspections may cause anxiety among new beekeepers. 

When you feel anxious, your bees will also feel the same way and they may see you as a threat, making them attack you in the process. This is why getting a good quality bee suit is an absolute must.

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