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Maca and How It Benefits Men

Peru’s maca root powder is a certified nutritional powerhouse being used for the past 2,000 years or so. This is a unique food since it has different effects for men and women. Today, you will discover how and why more and more men are now using this natural supplement.

Erectile Dysfunction 

Increasing blood circulation is one of the things that this supplement can really do quite well. Once you combine this with the libido boost, it has been noted to help men combat the issues related to mild erectile dysfunction.

Maca impact sexual desire
Maca have a positive effect on sexual dysfunction

A study revealed that more than half of the male patients with mild ED reported that they experienced significant improvements both in ED and their overall sexual health. For this specific purpose, the black variety is recommended for usage. 


Another reason why men are taking maca is to help with the restoration of their libido. The plan works on different levels to promote a healthier sex drive. For starters, its high amounts of nutrients can help revitalize the whole body. This also works to boost the levels of testosterone that then increases energy, vitality, and stamina. It also contains the unique nutrients macamides and macaenes that are believed to support healthy libido. Black and red varieties are used for a good libido boost. 

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Probably the longest and most popular use of this root is for the fertility of men and women alike. Indigenous people in the high Andes of Peru used this root for 2,000 years to boost the fertility of both livestock and human. To this day, it remains to be the number one remedy for couples in Peru who want to conceive. Some recent studies from Peru and Switzerland confirmed that the black variety in particular can increase sexual desire and raise motility and sperm count.

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One published study has concluded that in a span of 42 days, the red variety can significantly reduce the size of ventral prostate in rats. The same results weren’t achieved with black, yellow, or cream varieties. 

Increased Testosterone

Maca doesn’t contain testosterone or other hormones. What it does instead is stimulate the body for hormone production and regulation to achieve a healthier hormone balance. The herb works to increase the so-called free testosterone, a natural testosterone that plays a role in restoring youthful energy and appearance. All varieties of the herb work well for this particular purpose. 

Stamina and Energy

For those people who leave at high altitudes in Peru where the plant grows, this is important to maintain a healthy stamina and energy. Some scientific studies have confirmed that this root has positive impact on energy and endurance levels. 

Natural Muscle Building

The maca root is muscle building or anabolic. This has high content of the bio-available protein as well as other nutrients supporting natural and healthy muscle growth. Natural bodybuilders love this supplement and this is also a main ingredient in various muscle building blends. 

These are some of the benefits that men can experience when they add maca as supplement to their diet.

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